The LITHOZ Way of Big: Big Parts, Thick Walls, High Density – and Dark Ceramics

At this year’s ceramitec LITHOZ will premiere its brand new 3D printing technology for technical high performance ceramics. Being a true innovation, this entirely new ceramic 3D manufacutring method is able to print large parts with thick walls and full density from various ceramics. This latest development, the name of which will be revealed on 1 June on the CERAMIC APPLICATIONS cover, is capable of rapidly and economically shaping technical ceramic components, combining all the most desirable advantages of ceramic 3D printing into one machine: flexible AM design freedom, large size, thick walls and high density. Above all, the new 3D printer is able to process dark ceramics such as silicon carbide in industry standard quality.

The new technology uses well known, economical water-based slurries, enabling the simple integration of this technology into existing ceramic value chains, making it easy for manufacturers to straightforward adapt their familiar industrial base materials. Furthermore, this new process is characterized by a very quick build-up in height: the single slurry layers are spread on the build platform in less than 60 seconds, one layer reaching up to 1000 µm of height. The new technology allows green parts to be post-processed in the same way as in conventional ceramic processes. That means that 3D printed green parts are simply reintroduced into the normal post-processing and can be machined without any restriction.

Visit LITHOZ at its ceramitec stand (C1.234) and discover more about this all-new fascinating ceramic 3D printing method that opens the door to a wide range of completely new possibilites.


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