100 Years of Textile and Fibre Research and 30 Years of Ceramic Fibre Research in Denkendorf

Double birthday – this year, the DITF Denkendorf celebrate their 100th
anniversary as well as 30 years of ceramic fibre research. Ceramics and
fibre do not sound compatible at first. Nonetheless, R&D in the field of
high-performance oxide ceramic fibres has been successfully carried out
at the DITF since 1990, not least due to their expertise in the textile and
fibre sector. An industrially suitable process has been developed that
enables the continuous production of oxide fibres of different compositions.
In addition to the production-ready corundum and mullite fibres,
further zirconium oxide stabilised fibre types have been developed. With
the help of in-house expertise in weaving technology, an adapted
weaving process was established for the shear-sensitive oxide fibres.


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