Using 3D Weaving for Additive Manufacturing of Ceramic Preforms

Textile manufacturing essentially is an additive manufacturing process withnear net-shape performance. Modern textile machines combined with computationaltools allow for a well-aimed design of complicated 3D structures.Ceramic fibres can be manufactured at these machines if process parametersare carefully adapted. Thereby ceramic fibre preforms are producedin one step at high throughput. They are used for the manufacture … Read more

100 Years of Textile and Fibre Research and 30 Years of Ceramic Fibre Research in Denkendorf

Double birthday – this year, the DITF Denkendorf celebrate their 100thanniversary as well as 30 years of ceramic fibre research. Ceramics andfibre do not sound compatible at first. Nonetheless, R&D in the field ofhigh-performance oxide ceramic fibres has been successfully carried outat the DITF since 1990, not least due to their expertise in the textile … Read more


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