11th Biennial Congress and 2nd International Conference of the Iranian Ceramic Society

The conference is the biggest event in ceramics in Iran with a background of 20 years, where more than 500 participants from industry research and university present their research, interests and future trends. Along with the conference, there will be an exhibition where the companies involved in ceramics production, trade and testing can demonstrate their potentials. Congress Topics are: Ceramics in Energy, Electricity and Power Technology; Ceramics in Water and Environment Applications; Ceramics in Health and Medical Applications; Surfaces, Interfaces and Ceramic Coatings; Advanced Ceramics; Synthesis and Manufacturing Processes and Technology in Ceramics Industry; Recent Developments in the Iranian Ceramics Industry. Deadline for abstracts submission is 5 November 2016. cfi plans to organize a session Ceramic Process Technology for a Greener Environment.

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