21 Years of Empa Advanced Ceramics: Ceramic Materials for Energy and Environmental Technology in the 21st Century

Acting as a bridge between research and field applications, it develops solutions to meet the major challenges for industry and society with regard to nanostructured, “smart” materials and surfaces, environmental, energy and sustainable building technologies – Cleantech applications – as well as bio- and medical technologies. Thanks to efficient technology transfer, Empa works with industrial partners to translate research findings into market-viable innovations. In this way it makes a significant contribution to enhancing the competitiveness of the Swiss economy. Moreover, it creates the scientific basis for the sustainable development of society. The anniversary conference held on 02.07.2013 at the EMPA Academy in Dübendorf was designed to survey the wide-ranging potential applications for ceramic materials in power and environmental engineering and provide a platform for face-to-face talks between developers in industry and university researchers in order to further the exchange of information and ideas. Among the around 110 guests were representatives from neighbouring countries, clearly showing that Empa’s activities stretch beyond Switzerland’s borders. The papers were arranged in three sessions: Aspects of process engineering in the development of ceramics, Power engineering and advanced ceramics as well as Ceramics and energy research in the Laboratory for High-Performance Ceramics. In his welcome address, Prof. Thomas Graule, Head of the Laboratory for High-Performance Ceramics at EMPA, thanked past and present employees who had all contributed to making the laboratory what it is today.


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