Advanced Ceramics for Absolute Listening Pleasure

Music lovers have already been experiencing the difference with the ceramic platter on the RP10 model. The successor model Planar 10, which has now been released, represents a whole new type of construction and uses the advanced properties of ceramics in the chassis as well as for the platter. Record players and turntables stand today for a raw, sensory music experience which places importance on both sound quality and design. Rega turntables are known for their simple yet sophisticated designs and outstanding performance. The manufacturer uses modern materials to pursue the goal of a lightweight design. The platter is an important part of this overall concept.
The RP10 was the first model to feature a platter made of advanced ceramics from CeramTec. The aluminum oxide platter is the ideal weight to ensure completely smooth, constant rotation for a premium listening experience. The ceramic platter of the newly designed Planar 10 also utilizes a flywheel effect and improved coupling with the sub-platter. The lightweight chassis of the successor model was further reduced in mass by the use of a ceramic top brace, in line with the motto: „Mass absorbs energy – lost energy equals lost music.” This design is made possible by the ceramic brace between the tonearm and central bearing. The material provides optimal strength at exactly the right places. This construction minimizes energy absorption and prevents undesirable resonance as well as vibrations thanks to its high rigidity, despite the lightweight build. In this way, the Planar 10 ensures a clean, linear sound. The manufacturing process at CeramTec reflects this same level of high quality. The platters are made of aluminum oxide ceramic, which is precision manufactured using diamond tools in the final step. Precision is key: Rega requires complete concentricity with a maximum tolerance of 5 hundredths of a millimeter. A sound engineer also assesses the quality of each and every turntable as an additional quality assurance step. Additionally, the bright white color of the platter is a very elegant detail that does not fade thanks to the material’s excellent color stability, even with exposure to UV.


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