ceramitec Conference: Messe München Launches New Conference on the Industrial Use of Ceramics

The focus of the new event will be on ceramic materials and, in particular, the possibilities for their industrial use. Today, the ceramic industry is highly innovative due to new manufacturing processes, changed raw material qualities and the solution-oriented development of individual orders. Ever shorter innovation cycles make ceramics attractive for a great number of industrial uses in the automotive and chemical industries, electrical engineering, the health sector, biotechnology, aerospace, mechanical engineering, the pharmaceutical industry, and in the world of design.

In a program set up in a matrix form, the ceramitec Conference will lay the ceramics segments known from the ceramitec trade show – Technical Ceramics, Additive Manufacturing, Powder Metallurgy, Raw Materials and Refractory Materials – over the user industries. This gives attendees the possibility of compiling their own individual program specifically tailored to their requirements. As a result, the event facilitates access to the ceramic industry for new fields of application.

“While having an age-old tradition, ceramics offer an enormous innovation potential. Thus, the materials find their way into a growing number of application fields and industries”, stated Gerhard Gerritzen, Management Board Member of Messe München. “Therefore, we provide orientation by the creation of the new ceramitec Conference as an addition to our trade shows. At our events, users learn which contribution ceramics and the associated new manufacturing processes can make to coping with the present and future challenges they are faced with.” With the ceramitec Conference, Messe München broadens its portfolio for industrial ceramics.


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