Cooperation between Steinbach and Protiq: Pooling Competences in Additive Manufacturing with Ceramics

On this basis, Steinbach customers can’t just or­ der a 3D-­print from Protiq’s web portal, they can also profit from the advantages of the digital sales channel and view online prices for the products they want made of ceramic. “Especially on international level, the cooperation will enable us to serve our customers faster, more cost­efficiently and on a more individual level,” says Michael Steinbach, Technical Ceramics Division Manager at Steinbach, convinced. “With technical ceramics we are systematically widening our portfolio and offering solutions for extremely high temperature ranges with corresponding precision,” Dr Ralf Gärtner, Protiq’s Managing Director, explains. For AM, Protiq, member of the Phoenix Con­ tact Group of companies, has developed a web portal for uploading and configuring 3D-­models, through which an order and print job can then be triggered. Working from the CAD data, Protiq then prints the objects with high precision in line with cus­tomer requirements. For worldwide ship­ ping, Protiq can rely on the logistics servic­ es of the Phoenix Contact Group. With the digitized ordering process, time and costs are saved, while the customer gets his pro­totype, tool or component very quickly.


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