CoorsTek Acquires Dynamic-Ceramic

Established in 1987, Dynamic-Ceramic offers a variety of ceramic materials for a wide range of applications and markets, with a focus on the extreme-service conditions of the oil and gas industry. Known specifically for its expertise in extremely durable zirconias and zirconia blends, Dynamic-Ceramic has grown to offer aluminas, silicon carbides, boron carbides, aluminum nitrides, aluminum titanates, and composites as robust components of valves, seals, nozzles, drills, and cutting and forming tools. CoorsTek is the world’s largest technical ceramics manufacturer with additional capabilities in high-performance plastics and specialty metals. CoorsTek enables and improves technologies by providing critical components, assemblies, and engineered solutions to major industries worldwide. Primary markets include aerospace and defense, semiconductor, oil and gas, automotive, household durables, and heavy industries such as rail, energy, and mining. (7/2013)


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