CoorsTek Announces Opening of New Ceramic Proppants Manufacturing Plant

The new plant uses state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and has received all regulatory approvals including air permits. Leveraging more than a century of ceramics manufacturing experience, ceramic scientists, analytical labs, and a breadth of ceramic materials, CoorsTek developed exceptionally strong lightweight-ceramic proppants to optimize conductivity in formations with high closure stress. Proppants are sand-sized solid materials used to keep induced hydraulic fractures open allowing oil and gas to flow. Many low-performance offerings are treated sand while high-performance options are made from ceramics. CoorsTek CeraProp™ ceramic proppants exhibit one of the highest crush strengths in the lightweight ceramic proppant market – translating to superior long-term conductivity and long-term permeability. Initially, CoorsTek offers lightweight proppants in 16-30, 20-40, 30-50 and 40-70 mesh sizes and custom-developed, customer-specific proppants. 


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