Empower Digital Mass Production with the CeraFab System

Lithoz’s CeraFab System ceramic 3D printers make the digitalization of your manufacturing workflow a reality today. By enabling the integration of innovative software and production processes, the digitalized workflow speeds up development time and increases logistic chain efficiency.  In an ever more changing and connected world, the CeraFab System empowers you to adapt your ceramic application production to the competitive challenge of preparing your business for a Web 4.0-based world.

At Lithoz, we have recognized the huge efficiency potential of digital production and have thus developed our entire range of 3D printers to be ready for key elements of this manufacturing technology, such as Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things. The CeraFab System industrial 3D printers, such as the S65, combine large-scale production with simple and connected scalability and automated software, allowing you to utilize these integrated systems to make your workflow more efficient than ever. Using powerful digital production techniques to increase your productivity, you can completely redefine the limits of manufacturing.

Thanks to their smart design, CeraFab System printers and their reliable LCM technology are already on their starting blocks to empower innovators from all kinds of different industries to effectively set up geographically independent, yet digitally connected, machine parks for the global mass production of 3D-printed ceramic applications. The future of the ceramic industry has already begun.


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