Made-to-Measure Extrusion – the ECT-KEMA Extrusion Laboratory

For the cost-efficient production of high-quality extruded products, it is now essential to determine in advance precise information on the behaviour of the bodies to be extruded.

Thanks to the integration of the test laboratory in ECT-KEMA’s certified quality management, the foundations have been laid for the provision of customer-oriented, substantiated results.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, many years of experience and field-oriented know-how, the ECT-KEMA test laboratory is available for in-depth testing and optimization of the extrudability of bodies for a wide range of applications – for forming in extruders as well as in piston extruders.

Brand new is a laboratory extruder that has been specially developed for pelletization and the production of clay slugs. Besides integrated cooling, a set of different sensors delivers precise results on key design-relevant properties. These form the basis for upscaling production equipment.

Moreover, for the determination of even more exact measurement results, especially for production plants with piston extruders, the laboratory is equipped with a kneader with de-airing system. With the option of deairing in the kneader, relatively large quantities of material, time and costs can be reduced in the laboratory, to obtain results near to those that would be achieved in actual production.

The ECT-KEMA laboratory tests offer numerous advantages for a wide range of industries:

  1. Support with research and development – especially in the case of expensive bodies only available in small quantities, testing is possible from a material input of 0.4 litres.
  2. Time-saving – our efficient methods and excellent equipment enable flexible delivery of significant extrusion findings with short lead times.
  3. Cost saving – starting from individual specifications and boundary conditions, customized concepts are developed, maximizing the benefit for production.
  4. Technology lead – expedient and field-oriented tests are the basis for results that enable new processes and products to be established on the market.


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