For Dynamic Applications in a Tough Environment: Encapsulated PICMA® Multilayer Actuators with Improved Heat Dissipation

But if the PICMA® actuators are to be used for dynamic applications at the same time, the self­heating of the actuator can be a lim­ iting factor. For this purpose, Pi Ceramic/DE now offers encapsulated actuators with improved heat dissipation properties: a casting compound that does not impair the actuator displacement replaces the inert gas in the hollow space between metal bellow and piezo actuator. An additional cooling of the stainless steel casing, e.g. with compressed air or water, can support to dissipate the heat generated by the dynamically operating actuator. This al­lows to achieve working frequencies that are 10 times higher than with an actuator without casting compound, for example, up to 3,5 kHz with the P-885.95 over the full travel range of 36 μm. PI Ceramic produces the encapsulated multilayer piezo actuators in the sizes Ø 11,2 mm × 40,5 mm for 30 μm travel and Ø 11,2 mm × 22,5 mm for 14 μm travel. Higher forces can be achieved with a version measuring Ø 18,6 mm × 22,5 mm providing a minimal displacement to 14 μm. For these dimensions, the actuators with cast­ ing compound are available at short notice. On request, the encapsulated PICMA® stack multilayer piezo actuators can be manufactured in other sizes.


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