formnext 2019 Continues to Grow at Record Speed

In March, 518 exhibitors have already registered for formnext this year. This is another significant increase compared to the same time the year before. As such, the amount of space that formnext 2019 will cover has already exceeded the final size of formnext 2018. In addition to enlarging booths of existing exhibitors, formnext has managed to attract 147 new exhibitors. An impressively high proportion of the exhibitors debuting at formnext in 2019 are international (64 %), with companies from China, Great Britain, USA, and the Netherlands being the most strongly represented. formnext has recorded strong growth along the entire process chain.

Due to the huge growth, formnext 2019 will take place in Halls 11 and 12 for the 1st time, the most modern part of the Frankfurt/DE exhibition grounds. The high-quality and elegant architecture of the two halls, combined with the modern and spacious entrance building Portalhaus, provide a very special setting for formnext. In both halls, formnext will occupy the lower and upper levels.

formnext’s dynamic growth is within an industry that has been rising in double digits for years and has now reached a volume of over EUR 10 billion. Various market researchers and industry experts are forecasting continued high growth of around 20 % annually over the next few years.

From 19–22 November, all the world elite in industrial 3D-printing will once again be showcasing in Frankfurt.


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