Fracture Toughness Tests for Innovnano 2YSZ Structural Ceramic Powder

Results show that Innovnano 2 mol-% ytrria-stabilised zirconia (2YSZ) has outstanding fracture toughness, combined with high flexural strength and ageing resistance for physically demanding structural ceramic applications. With a value of 7,2 MPam1/2, the fracture toughness of Innovnano 2YSZ far exceeds the current structural ceramic of choice, 3YSZ, which has a fracture toughness of just 4,2 MPam1/2.

Innovnano produces its 2YSZ using Emulsion Detonation Synthesis (EDS), which is a unique, proprietary technology for the high volume, high quality production of nanostructured powders. This technology produces powders with a nanostructure that provides improved structural properties such as hardness, fracture toughness, flexural strength and resistance to thermal shock. Innovnano 2YSZ combines all the desired properties of 3YSZ, as well as the much sought-after added benefit of improved fracture toughness that is inherent in lower yttria content YSZs. Previously, the fracture toughness of Innovnano has been investigated using traditional Indentation Methods (IF) that demonstrated a fracture toughness value above 15 MPam1/2. This is significantly higher than the value for 3YSZ benchmark, which was found to be just 5 MPam1/2 using the same method. To further qualify the outstanding fracture toughness of 2YSZ, additional tests have recently been conducted using a different measurement technique. The SEPB method (ISO 15732:2003) is recommended for fine grain ceramics to provide a more accurate representation of a materials fracture toughness. Results from the study conducted at the Japan Fine Ceramics Center confirmed the fracture toughness of 2YSZ (7,2 MPam1/2) to exceed that of 3YSZ benchmark (4,2 MPam1/2), further demonstrating the superior properties of Innovnano 2YSZ over other ceramic materials.

André de Albuquerque, CEO of Innovnano commented, “The fracture toughness of Innovnano 2YSZ powder is exceptional. Confirmed by two different measurement techniques to exceed that of 3YSZ while maintaining its other desirable properties, it offers an exciting structural ceramic alternative.”


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