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Harper Designs Advanced Thermal System to Process Battery Materials for Prayon

The innovative reactor will be used for drying and calcining of Prayon’s advanced iron phosphate powder, a key component of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cathode materials used in rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles, and is a part of their recently announced new plant investment to supply the lithium ion battery market. The gas-fired Harper rotary kiln will support high-volume operations with features to maximize Prayon’s production, including advanced tube features to provide enhanced reaction kinetics, gas-tight and dust-tight design, and internal heat recovery within the furnace chamber to improve energy efficiency. Prayon collaborated with Harper through the IgniteTM process during the development phase by supporting scale-up planning and analysis. The IgniteTM program offers scale-up expertise and testing resources to help minimize risk and maximize efficiency for pilot and production level outputs.


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