INMATEC Technologies GmbH Expands Capacities for Feedstock Production

In the recent past of its 22-year history the corporation has grown strongly in many sectors. The number of employees has more than doubled in the last two years alone. The number of production units was also asjusted to the increased demand. INMATEC is now able to produce feedstock for the CIM process with up to eight instead of the previous five aggregates at the same time. Within this context, the area of the company has increased by more than 50 %, as the logistics and quality assurance departments have also grown alongside the plant itself.

In order to fully utilize the newly created capacities, INMATEC produces ceramic feedstock for the world market round the clock with a three-shift system. The strict separation of the individual shifts as part of the hygiene concept ensures that production can be fully maintained even in the current exceptional situation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Beyond its role as a producer, the company acts as a partner in development. In addition to its standard feedstocks, wich already fulfills many requirements, it offers customer specific solutions. Feedstocks, wich are specially adjusted to the needs of the customer, represent the core business of INMATEC Technologies GmbH with about three quarters of the output.

The company manufactures various CIM feedstocks on the basis of three thermoplasitc binder systems with different properties that can be combined with a variety of ceramic powders. The wax-based INMAFEED feedstock has proven itself over many years. It can be debound easily without hazardous substances in a two-stage process. Innovative INMAFLOW feedstocks an a polyamide basis are known for thier good flow properties. Therefore the are suitable for the production of ceramic filaments for use in 3D-printing processes. With the introduction of the INMAPOM binder system, the company recently expanded ist product range to include feedstocks based on polyacetal (POM). These ensure good processing qualities, high stability and are catalytically debound in a single step. INMATEC provides its wide range of feedstocks worldwide for industrial-scale projects and offers full technical support with its experienced team.


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