KRAHN Chemie Bundles Ceramic Activities under the Umbrella of KRAHN Ceramics

In May of last year, KRAHN Chemie GmbH acquired eMBe Products & Service GmbH/DE, one of the leading additive manufacturers for the ceramic and powder metal industry in Europe, and renamed it KRAHN Ceramics GmbH in January 2020.

To date, the distribution of ceramic raw materials has been carried out by the Technical Ceramics segment of KRAHN Chemie Deutschland GmbH/DE. Due to the legal separation of KRAHN Chemie Deutschland’s ceramics division into KRAHN Ceramics on 2 October 2020, the distribution activities of  the existing raw materials portfolio in the ceramics sector will now be organizationally combined with an extended product and service portfolio of the downstream value creation stages.

“The amalgamation of the KRAHN Chemie Group’s ceramic activities is an important step for KRAHN Ceramics. We are delighted that by merging ceramic activities, our existing customers will benefit from receiving everything from a single source. Bundling entails an enormous reduction in complexity for all involved and follows our strategy of supporting our customers along the entire value creation chain,” said Dr Stefan Stolz, Managing Director of KRAHN Ceramics GmbH.


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