Kyocera’s High-Colour-Rendering LEDs

The system designed for the Wacoal building bathes its facade in an elegant grad­ation of hues suggestive of Kyoto. The facade lighting’s normal mode is a soft white, reminiscent of natural silk. The illumination with changing colours occurs nightly in periods of about 5 min recurring at 30 min intervals. The facade lighting system is the first in Japan* to operate by modulating red, blue, green, and white light generated from violet LEDs. Furthermore, the building features an environmental design with a 36 kW Kyocera solar power generating system installed on its rooftop. This system is estimated to generate enough electricity to power the facade lighting for approximately three to four hours a day. By combining violet LEDs, RGB (red, green and blue) phosphors and optical design technology, Kyocera’s high-colour-rendering LEDs produce light which is extremely close to natural sunlight. Since the light includes a wide range of colours within the visible range, it facilitates accurate colour rendition that is difficult to achieve with conventional LED lighting. While conventional LED lighting technology (based on blue LEDs that use yellow phosphors) produces colours only within the straight line between B and Y in the CIE Chromaticity Diagram, Kyocera’s violet LEDs with RGB phosphors can produce any colour within the R-G-B triangle.


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