Components for high performance

Glassbond (NW) Ltd

Glassbond (NW) Ltd was founded in 1978 to supply the lighting industry with organic lamp capping cements.  In 1997 an agreement was signed with Sauereisen Inc (Pittsburgh, US) to become the licensee manufacturer for high temperature inorganic cements and potting compounds for supply into Europe.  These products service many applications across a number of disciplines … Read more

AEM Canada Group Inc.

As a private company headquartered in Quebec, Canada, we are a preferred global supplier of pure and ultra pure aluminium derivatives, setting the benchmark for industry performance in terms of high purity, high reliability and low environmental footprint. Our operations are based at two main sites: our Technical Development Centre at Laval near Montreal and … Read more

Heraeus High Performance Coatings

Heraeus High Performance Coatings is a start-up of the Heraeus Group, headquartered in Hanau, Germany and has specialized in aerosol coating. Aerosol Deposition enables the formation of unique metal and ceramic coatings at room temperature on all types of material surfaces. Heraeus High Performance Coatings accompanies customers all the way from initial feasibility study to … Read more

RECOSIC: Environment-Friendly, High-Grade SiC by Recycling

For more than 100 years, the raw material SiC has been synthesizedfor industrial applications by means of the very energyintensiveAcheson process. For the synthesis of 1 t material,around 7,15 MWh of electric energy is needed. At the same time,around 4,2 t CO2 are emitted. 2,4 t of these CO2 emissions arecaused purely by reactions, the … Read more

Engineered Materials for High-End Applications

Treibacher Industrie AG is a leading Austrian chemical and metallurgicalenterprise. It was founded in 1898 by the famous scientistCarl Auer von Welsbach, who discovered four rare-earth elements:neodymium, praseodymium, ytterbium, and lutetium. He alsoinvented the famous gas mantle light in 1885, which brought firststreetlight to many cities around the world. Treibacher has its HQin Althofen, southern … Read more

Sustainable, Natural Pore Formers and Process Additives for the Ceramic Industry*

Nature offers an almost inexhaustible reservoir of usable functions that have always been present in the plant world. Each plant species has its own outstanding, individual characteristics. The innovative, “green” future technology of J. Rettenmaier & Söhne Group uses these valuable functions and properties and opens them up to all areas of life and modern … Read more

ALTEO Now Member of the United Mining Supply (UMS) Group

Following the decision of the commercial court announced on7 January 2021, ALTEO is out of the court-supervised legalredress and has joined the United Mining Supply (UMS) Group.UMS announced that it is aiming to open a new era for ALTEO toconsolidate its leading position over the long term. Shortly afterthe takeover, Gildas Fontaine (GF), Business Development,Marketing … Read more

Elkem Changed Corporate Structure to Accelerate Specialisation

Last summer, Elkem/NO made changes to the corporate structure and top management. Elkem has now three business div isions: Silicones, a fully integrated silicones producer; Silicon Products, a provider of silicon, ferrosilicon and related specialty products; and Carbon Solutions, a supplier of electrode paste and speciality products to the ferroalloys, silicon and aluminium industries. Elkem … Read more


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