Micro to Maxi: Pump Systems with Advanced Ceramics

Pumps transport media of all kinds, from gases, liquids, solids and pastes to mixtures of liquids and solids. Depending on the application and principle of operation, a pump is made up of many individual components which have to work economically and reliably while the pump is in operation – even under heavy loads. Alongside anti-friction, bearing, seal and process control technology, protecting peripheral systems from wear is a fundamental part of operating machines and material handling equipment.

CeramTec offers a suitable ceramic material for every application, ensuring the material properties are perfectly tailored to the requirements at hand: the precise mechanical, thermal, bio-chemical and electrical properties of advanced ceramics can be combined, optimized and developed as required. The result is ceramic materials that are perfect for their role and that are superior to alternative materials such as metal and plastic in certain applications. Whether they be oxide, non-oxide or composite ceramics – depending on the material, the ceramics can be highly wear and heat resistant, as well as biocompatible and therefore suitable for direct food contact. They are known for their temperature and thermal shock resistance. In fact, advanced ceramics are often the only viable solution for technical dilemmas which cannot be solved using conventional materials. Ceramics stand for improved operational reliability, service life, process reliability and cost efficiency – and as such also represent an increase in profitability for a given application.


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