Morgan Advanced Materials Develops 2MHZ Transducer

In the context of industrial and domestic water applications, it is vital to ensure that meter readings accurately reflect the quantity of water used. Morgan has now successfully developed a transducer with stable zero flow offset changes according to temperature cycles, resulting in greater overall accuracy. Operating within a range of 2–65 ºC, zero flow offset is up to 40 ps at low temperatures, while at higher temperatures it is up to 60 ps. With this knowledge, transducers can be calibrated in line with these trends. Morgan’s proprietary range of transducers is comprised of materials which remain stable at different temperatures, ensuring that results are not comprised by external conditions which may undermine the quality of the measurement. Using a 2MHz sound wave can help maintain accuracy by keeping a high signal to noise ratio, as the possibility for sound waves to be reflected around the pipe is reduced.



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