Morgan Advanced Materials Expands Capabilities for CIM Components

This facility manufactures complex in­jection molded ceramic components for use in the investment casting of turbine engine blades and vanes for aircraft and power generation, aircraft hardware, pumps, valves, and sporting goods. As part of the site’s growth, Morgan has installed advanced equipment that will en­able it to produce larger parts for industrial gas turbines (IGTs), hired engineers and managers devoted to increasing produc­tion, and implemented communication en­hancements to improve tracking, shipping, and delivery. Morgan has invested in capacity and tech­nology to produce IGT cores to meet in­ creasing global power demand. The unique manufacturing process enables shorter lead­-times to be offered to customers and provides capability to meet high volume production requirements. A significant investment has been made in equipment and automation in the past year, including a new X-­ray room and an engineering and tooling laboratory to provide additional support re­sources. Also enhanced is Morgan’s com­mitment to customer satisfaction, with the implementation of an integrated applica­tions suite of comprehensive enterprise re­source planning software that offers track­ing from production all the way through shipping, offering superior tracking of work in progress, ship­ment dates, and certification documentation.


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