New Material pic184 from PI Ceramic: Hard Material for Power Ultrasound

The ceramic material PIC184 is based on modified lead zirconate titanate (PZT) and is one of the ferro­elec­trically hard piezo materials. High-power ultrasound applications are characterized by a high dynamic range, from several hundred kilohertz up to a few MHz, as well as by high operating amplitudes. Especially during continuous operation, the key thing to achieve is to have stable oscil­lation properties with low mechanical and di­electrical losses, i.e. generating as little heat as possible in the converter element. Pic184 features a large electromechanical coupling factor with moderately high quality factor, as well as exceptional mechani­cal and electrical stability. At the same time, the converter properties of the new mate­rial are virtually independent of time and temperature, rendering them suitable for high­ power applications. Pic184 is a good choice for transducer applications such as ultrasonic cleaning, sonar technology or acoustic NDT processes (non­destructive testing). These call for high amplitudes when operating in resonance mode. Bio­technology applications such as scalers for tooth plaque removal, or the ultrasonic processes involved in ultrasonic surgery all benefit from the properties of PIC184.


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