New Stabilized Zirconia Products Deliver Optimum Performance up to 2000 °C

Fully stabilised zirconia has been developed by morgan to deliver unrivalled resistance to chemical corrosion and temperatures, with a long and reliable service life. Boasting flexural strength of 200 mPa and thermal conductivity of 1,5–3,0 W·m–1·K–1 at 200 °C. Products available include sheath tubes for temperature monitoring, ideal for atmospheres containing carbon commonly used in DSS furnaces for the production of photovoltaic silicon ingots. Their design allows the easy incorporation and protection of an interior sheath tube and insulation rod. Meanwhile, an impressive range of crucibles is available in calcium fully stabilised zirconia (CaO–FSZ) which possesses excellent refractory properties as well as high resistance to the alkalis, acids and caustic chemicals encountered in chemical processing applications. Manufactured to extremely tight tolerances, the high purity of these products delivers outstanding stability in a full range of thermal processes. As well as standard sizes and shapes, designs can be customised to meet individual application requirements.


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