New XRD System for Structure Analysis

The TXS-HE is optimised to deliver an extremely high intensity X-ray beam without compromising flexibility to meet the most demanding analytical needs. The TXS-HE significantly reduces data collection time compared to conventional X-ray sources and delivers better data quality, giving new insights into structural properties of investigated materials. Further, the additional speed of the TXS-HE enables the studies of dynamic processes including time dependent phase transitions and kinetics in mater­ials. The advanced design of the new ATLAS goniometer delivers an even higher level of angular positioning accuracy, thus increasing the reliability of measured data for all applications. It is extremely robust ensuring that this level of performance is maintained for all configurations from classic powder diffraction to epitaxial thin-film character­isation. As a result, the D8 DISCOVER Plus with ATLAS goniometer sets the new standard for XRD laboratory systems. By combining the high X-ray flux of the TXS-HE, the accuracy of the ATLAS goniometer, and the large detection area and dynamic range of the new EIGER2 R 500K multi-mode Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) detector, the D8 DISCOVER Plus offers unmatched cap­abilities for the analytical tasks in materials research and analysis.


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