Innovnano and Universidade NOVA de Lisboa Collaborate on the Development of Synthetic Bone Material

Funded by Portugal 2020 (PT2020), the project will combine Innovnano’s manufactured nanostructured zirconia powders with FCT NOVA’s 3D-printing technology.
The goal is to develop a 3D-printing process that is low cost, simple to implement at a large scale, and able to produce synthetic bone material that is biocompatible, ­stable and with mechanical properties close to those of different types of actual bone ­tissue.
The new project will involve several different areas of research. With extensive experience in the production of nanostructured zirconia powders using its Emulsion Deton­ation Synthesis (EDS) process, Innovnano will focus on the synthesis of new zirconia-based composite materials. The company will work with the team at FCT NOVA to optimise the particle shape to produce the best compromise between porosity and mechanical resistance, and also on in vitro and in vivo studies to determine biocompatibility.
The 1st step in the project involves studying the influence of properties such as viscosity and composition of zirconia-based ceramic pastes, to optimise the mechanical and physiological properties of the “printed” bone substitutes.

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