Reliable Virus Tests Thanks to Hermetic Components from CeramTec

In testing bioscience analytic equipment is used, which are capable of detecting multiple diseases, caused by various infections. In case of the Coronavirus the analysis isolates a protein which is specific to COVID -19 and therefore confirming the disease. The core of the machine is built inside a vacuum environment. The supply of power as well as the bi-directional transmission of signals inside the vacuum that enable the proper function of the device is provided by hermetic sealed feedthroughs, manufactured in the CeramTec plant in Laurens, South Carolina/US. This plant is highly specialized on these products and therefore the key supplier for hermetic feedthroughs into the medical equipment industry.

Hermetic, vacuum-sealed Ceramaseal® products are built to endure extreme conditions. They stand up to Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) environments, temperatures ranging from –269 °C to 450 °C, pressures in excess of 1700 bar, corrosive or caustic environments, while maintaining an unsurpassed level of reliability. For ceramic-to-metal and glass-to-ceramic components and glass sealing technology CeramTec offers both standard and custom designs for use in vacuum, ultra-high vacuum, high-pressure, cryogenic and high-temperature applications.


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