Schunk Invests in Graphite Production

This safeguards existing Schunk jobs in the region while creating new ones. “Today, more than 3300 employees work at our four Middle Hessian sites, with just under 2000 of them working in Heuchelheim. This makes us one of the biggest employers in the region,” said Dr Arno Roth (CEO of the Schunk Group) at the ceremony. The importance of these Middle Hessian branches is also reflected in the Group’s investment priorities.

Over the last five years, the Group invested more than EUR 150 million in the Middle Hessian facilities. As of 2018, Schunk has maintained its Heuchelheim facility for exactly 100 years. By August 2019, Heuchelheim will thus be home to a state-of-the-art production facility measuring 85 m in length, 51 m in width and 13 m in height. 22 new office workspaces will also be created, as well as a spacious recreational area designed to house up to 250 employees. The latter is also intended for employees working in the nearby production building.


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