Sembach GmbH & Co. KG Extended its Portfolio Thanks to a New 5-Axis Milling Machine

A 5-axis milling machine with particularly small tolerances is being used for this purpose; this eliminates the need for time consuming and cost-intensive construction of shaping tools. The manufacture of samples on the 5-axis milling machine is fast and easy, allowing complex geometries. Machining using the milling machine requires significantly shorter lead times than mould construction. The customer first provides a drawing or 3D-data. The Sembach construction engineers enlarge these data to the correct proportions to compensate for the shrinkage of ceramics during sintering. The data are then exported to the CAM system and edited for use in the machine. The 5-axis milling machine can then machine the ceramic green body within a very short time. The sample part is sintered, tested and compared with the desired dimensions and requirements.


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