Structuring of Ceramic Green Tapes – Challenges for Processing

The influence of powder type, particle size distribution, specific surface, or powder morphology, amount and type of water based binder system, usage and kind of plasticizer and the green tape storing conditions will be investigated for validating their ability for 3D structuring by subsequent forming, i.e. by hot and cold embossing, deep drawing, folding, or lamination. New characterization methods shall be developed allowing a quantification of the process ability. Finally, it should be possible to tailor special tape characteristics allowing good forming. In the end defined assessment criteria will be selected, allowing green tape choice for special application.  A further part of interest is the thermal treatment. Due to the presence of metallic powders in the tapes the heat treatment under air condition is suboptimal, caused by oxidation effects. Optimal gas conditions shall be developed, allowing complete burnout of the organic part.


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