XJet Expands Activities in Europe

Jet Ltd. is a provider of professional solutions for Additive Manufacturing (AM) of metal and ceramic components. These are used, for example, in the aerospace sector, in the automotive industry, in chemicals and electronics, but also in medical technology including dental technology, in toolmaking and luxury goods. The company is known for NanoParticle Jetting technology. … Read more

Steinbach AG: Industry Partner with 3D Printing of Ceramics

CA: Technical Ceramics is the youngest division at Steinbach AG. What prompted you to go into technical ceramics? VS: Besides our headquarters in Detmold, we are active in Shanghai/CN, Charlotte/US, Taipei/TW and Brisbane/AU. In the USA and Taiwan, even before investing in our first 3D printer in 2016, we were already engaged with ceramic activities … Read more

Zetamix and LEAT: Shaping the Future of Antennas Using 3D-Printed Ceramic Material

Founded by three engineers in 2008, Nanoe is a French company specialisedin the elaboration and production of highly innovative materials. With itsknowledge and know-how in the ceramics field, the company launched in2018 a new brand, Zetamix: the first ceramic and metal filamentsaccessible to all. LEAT is a French laboratory dedicated to Information andCommunication Technologies (ICT). … Read more


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