ThyssenKrupp Focuses Carbon Composites Activities in Saxony

In June 2013 Stanislaw Tillich, Premier of the Free State of Saxony, and Dr Heinrich Hiesinger, Executive Board Chairman of ThyssenKrupp AG, officially inaugurated the Tech Center Carbon Composites and the ThyssenKrupp Carbon Components GmbH production plant. While the TechCenter’s task is to support carbon composite projects throughout the Group, ThyssenKrupp Carbon Components will focus on the development and production of vehicle components such as lightweight carbon wheels. Lightweight design is a central issue today. In areas such as aircraft construction, shipbuilding, general industry and wind turbines, the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastics is playing an increasingly important role. In the auto sector this trend is reinforced by emissions and fuel economy standards. For ThyssenKrupp numerous promising applications are opening up, e.g. multi-material designs in combination with innovative steel solutions, automation and tool technology, and lightweight vehicle components. With carbon wheels alone, weight savings of 30–50 % are possible compared with conventional light alloy wheels.


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