Zirconium Oxide Bright from CeramTec

The new material, shown publicly for the first time at the IDS (21–25 March 2017) in Cologne/DE, offers many new possibilities to dental technicians and dentists. It combines translucency and strength to the maximum extent and covers more indications and applications than ever. With its proven biological compatibility, it opens the way to outstanding possibilities in relation to creative aesthetic finish, safety and efficient manufacture.
Zirconium Oxide Bright is a pioneering material with a perfectly natural appearance. Especially for treatments in which the visibility and appearance of neighboring tooth material plays an important role, Zirconium Oxide Bright, with its translucency of at least 54 %, is ideally suited. These include not only wide-span replacements in the front area, but also difficult space conditions to the side of the jaw.
The optimized chemical composition of the material and its high-quality production process make for unique mechanical and physical properties. Thus, for example, the bending strength exceeds the value required by the standard for class 5 restorations. With special shaping processes and precise process control in the pre-compression and pre-sintering, CeramTec blanks have the optimal white density and white hardness so that they can be machined with high process reliability in a short time. The round blanks of Zirconium Oxide Bright are available for all the usual CAD/CAM systems and in all colors of the VITA classical A1-D4® color scale. The material is sintered at a low temperature of 1450 °C.


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