2nd Place for Schuk: Award for “Printed Ceramic”

Something that still sounds like science fiction to the layman is now a reality in industry: 3D products from a printer. Experts call this process “rapid prototyping”, but up to now it has been restricted to making models because no material existed that could also be processed industrially in this way. And this is precisely where the Schunk company of Willich has made the breakthrough. Schunk Ingenieurkeramik specializes in making components from ceramic, one of the hardest of all materials. “We have developed a process with which a type of 3D printing can be used to manufacture components from a ceramic material that were previously not achievable due to their complexity and size”, explained Development Director Dr Arthur Lynen. The new process is of interest to customers from a variety of industries and offers, among other things, completely new possibilities in industrial precision measuring and production technology.


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