ceramitec Awards

The winner was ALUMINA SYSTEMS/DE with its partner Plasway/DE for the development of a ceramic dispenser ring (diameter 300 mm, 3 horizontal rings joined by brazing with glass) for coating of chips by Atomic Layer Deposition with 3D-printed ceramic laval nozzles.

The partners Kläger Spritzguss/DE and FIMA CouronneTEC/DE received the 2nd Prize for CIM-shaped „Kiddy Caps“ – dental caps for children made from zirconia (automated demolding, minimum wall thickness and weight: 0,2 mm – 0,15 g).
A special appreciation was given to 3DCeram Sinto/FR for the plug and play toolbox OPTICeram which enables a functional orientated design of ceramic components.

ceramitec Award 2018


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