EPHJ – EPMT – SMT: International Trade Fair for Watchmaking, Jewellery, ­Microtechnology and Medical

The show is a multi-domain field for business interactions and the latest in­nov­ations. EPHJ brings together trades and companies, upstream and downstream of the product in watchmaking-jewellery: training, creation, design, CAD, raw mater­ials, machinery, tooling, manufacturing, microtechnology, control devices, com­pon­ents, packaging, displays, management, marketing, communication, consulting and services. EPMT welcomes Swiss and inter­national companies working in the micro and nanotechnology for all application areas, including: Watchmaking, Aeronautics, Automotive, Metrology, Optics/Photonics, Automation and Robotics. SMT brings together experts from the medical device industry and all the trades involved in the production line of medical equipment, from R&D to subcontracting.
EPHJ-EPMT-SMT will take place on four days from Tuesday, 12 June to Friday, 15 June, 2018 in Geneva/CH.


Phone: +49 7221 502 200