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Goodfellow Celebrates 50 Years in a “Material” World

Employing about 80 people in Great Britain and overseas, Goodfellow currently serves thousands of customers on six continents. Associate operations in France, Germany, America and China help to support the company’s global activities; further expansion into the rapidly growing Far East region is planned for the future. Goodfellow’s focus is on supplying small to medium-size quantities of materials for research, development, prototyping and specialised manufacturing applications. The company can also accommodate customers requiring production-scale quantities of certain materials and forms.

The company’s Cambridgeshire location has been a positive factor, thanks to the area’s skilled workforce and ready access to new technology and trends. Indeed, although Goodfellow’s personalised and successful customer service may seem of a different era, the company’s embrace of the latest materials, innovative production techniques and multimedia communication is definitely up-to-the-minute.


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