Piezoelectric Tubes in Miniature Format for Actuator Applications

The piezoelectric tubes are available immediately with the new geometries. The new variants are available in the following sizes: 0,5 mm outer diameter, 0,2 mm inner diameter, and a length of 4 mm. Further variants are available with 1,5 mm outer diameter, 0,9 mm inner diameter, and a length of 15 mm. Other geometries are available on customer request.
Thanks to their design, the piezoelectric tubes are suitable for applications in the field of medicine technology, for example as actuators in fiber optics and endoscopes to improve the image quality. Piezo tubes can be provided with multi-segmented electrodes to influence the oscillation behavior. Wrap-around contacts allow establishment of electrical contacting at a favorable position within the mechanical assembly. It is possible to select either thick or thin film electrodes for contacting.


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