H.C. Starck Group Realigns Executive Board

As of 1 Oc­tober 2015, the group with nearly 2800 em­ployees and 15 production sites worldwide is led by four Executive Board Members. Edmar Allitsch, previously Head of the Tung­sten Powders Division, took over the sales organization focusing on the acceleration of the sales activities and strategic key ac­count projects in the tungsten powders business. Dr Michael Reiss, Chief Technol­ogy Officer of the group, assumes the lead of the Tungsten Powders Division. Dr Reiss also took over responsibility for the Surface Technology & Ceramic Powders Division from Edmar Allitsch. The Advanced Ceramic Components Division, previously in the re­sponsibility of CEO Dr Andreas Meier, was handed over to Dr Matthias Schmitz, CFO of the group. Dr Andreas Meier continues to be responsible for the Tantalum/Niobium Powders Division. The lead of the Fabricated Products Division remains unchanged with Dr Dmitry Shashkov.


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