Morgan Advanced Materials Increases Vacuum Brazing Capacity

 The business has experienced enviable levels of growth in areas such as ceramic­to­metal brazed assemblies and feedthroughs throughout 2015 and has launched a programme of capital invest­ ment to support the increased demand within the market. The investment delivered an increase in vacuum brazing capacity and takes place against a backdrop of increased use of vacuum brazing technology in the ceramic­ to­metal brazing process as this enables a wider range of material options to be offered to customers. The new vacuum furnace will be used for molybdenum manganese brazing and metal­ lised ceramics to mating metal parts as well as active alloy brazing utilising Morgan’s ex­tensive range of active braze alloys (ABAs). Products manufactured using this technol­ogy are used in a wide range of applications including electrical feedthroughs for analyt­ical and medical systems, aerospace thermo­couples and subsea connectors.


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