ICC6 – 6th International Congress on Ceramics in 2016

This international conference continues the series of ICCs, which were hosted in Toronto/CA in 2006, Verona/IT in 2008, Osaka/JP in 2010, Chicago/US in 2012 and Bei­jing/CN in 2014. It has been established as a global high-level platform for scientists, engineers, business leaders and ceramists to discuss the latest innovations and scientific achievement in the field of advanced ceramics. Under the topic “From Lab to Fab”, the ICC6 will especially focus on stimulating an international technology transfer from research to application in symposia with balanced contributions from academia and industry. The congress will be accompanied by an industrial exhibition. Conference topics are: Ceramic materials and systems for energy conversion and storage; Additive manufacturing; Novel, green and energy efficient processing and manufacturing technologies and new equipment trends; Cellular and porous ceramics (filters and membranes); New trends in silicate and traditional ceramics; Materials and process diagnosis for quality assessment/non-destructive testing; Life cycle prognosis, simulation and modeling; Analysis of wear, tribology and corrosion properties; Bioceramics and medical applications; Ceramic coatings for structural, environmental, functional and bioapplications; Functional ceramic materials and systems; Advanced structural ceramics and their applications; Nanoscaled ceramics and composites; Precursor-derived ceramics; Ceramic matrix composites; Transparent ceramics and luminescent materials; Max phases and ultra-high temperature ceramics.
Deadline for abstracts: 16.12.2015.


Phone: +49 7221 502 200