Increased Research Efforts to Speed up Commercialisation of Carbon Fibres, Finds Frost & Sullivan

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan on Carbon Fibres Technology‒ finds that end-user industries such as the automotive and aerospace sectors are also contributing to funding along with carbon fibre manufacturers, highlighting the intent towards wider adoption. The increasing emphasis on reducing fossil fuel consumption and hence addressing the issue of global warming is underlining the business case for carbon fibre. To ensure large-scale uptake in more industries, manufacturers must design an eco-friendly and economical recycling method to prevent accumulation of carbon fibre waste. The high defect ratio and rising costs also deter key stakeholders from mass producing products using carbon fibre. Investing in R&D and strategic partnerships with research communities combined with the successful scaling up of new technologies can address these challenges effectively. In addition, collaborating with end-user industries will enable carbon fibre manufacturers to deliver customised solutions. For further information please visit:


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