Discharges have been avoided, thanks to a very low supply voltage (approximately 90 kA going into the furnace), and an optimised layout of the heating elements, maximising the distance between parts at different potential and using high temperature insulation in every potentially conductive component.
Since 1984, TAV VACUUM FURNACES S.p.A. designs and manufactures vacuum furnaces for a wide range of industries and R&D laboratories worldwide, due to its characteristic of high specialization in vacuum engineering. Typical applications carried out in TAV vacuum furnaces are: heat treatment, Advanced Ceramics, brazing, sintering, diffusion bonding, heat treatment of additive manufactured components, aluminizing, UHV. Processed materials are advanced cer­amics, steels, alloys, superalloys, titanium, aluminium.  TAV vacuum furnaces for advanced ceramics are mainly used in automotive, aviation/aerospace, research, medical technologies industry, etc. Processed materials are: alumina, SiC, Si3N4, B4C, AlN, BN, C/C, liquid- silicon infiltrated parts, etc. The furnaces are operated up to 2500 °C in a pressure range of 10–1–10–2 mbar. In the company TAV VACUUM FURNACES, the R&D department is constantly working to ensure a tailored product to customer needs, thanks to the most innovative technologies. Moreover, the high know-how in the vacuum engineering provides training and prompt assistance both for machinery maintenance and for each aspect related to the process technology.


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