Measures Taken by METOXIT AG in View of COVID-19

• Protective measures and hygiene regulations increased for all employees.
• The workplaces and lounges have been newly set up based on the Federal Council requirements.
• Exposed areas in the company are disinfected several times a day.
• Customer visits cannot be noticed at the moment. However, the company offers to advise you by phone or to discuss your projects with you via web meeting.
• Limited personal contact with customers, suppliers and visitors.
• Holidays, visits to major events are to be agreed with the management in advance.

What effects does this have on delivery readiness and customer service:
• The production remains operational without restrictions.
• There are currently no delivery bottlenecks or difficulties.
• The delivery of raw materials depends on our suppliers. We are in constant contact here.
• However, there is currently no danger that the company will not be able to implement existing orders.
• The company always keeps its customers informed about the status of your order.

METOXIT AG thanks you for your understanding and hopes that it will end soon and return to normal.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact METOXIT AG – we are here for you.


Phone: +49 7221 502 200