New Center for Advanced Ceramic Manufacturing and Education at Alfred University

The award is supported by the 4th round of the Governor’s NYSUNY 2020 Challenge Grant Program. The New York State College of Ceramics is well­-known for its expertise in advanced ceramics, a field that enables materials for clean energy technologies such as batteries, fuel cells, and solar panels; environmen­tal clean-­up through filters, catalysts, and catalysts supports; biomedical therapies in­ cluding tissue scaffolds, bone cements, and dental implants; defense and security appli­cations such as high-­temperature electron­ics and sensors; and transportation through ceramic matrix composites for jet engines. This new facility will play a key role in the economic revival of the Southern Tier and further solidifies New York as a global lead­er in high-­tech research and manufacturing. The 837 m2­Center will be home to state­-of­-the­-art manufacturing equipment that will expand research and development ac­tivities and provide more opportunities for hands­on learning which will subsequently help boost enrolment and attract federal funding. These factors make this new facility a key component of the economic development strategy for the rural area at the inter­section of the Western New York and the Southern Tier regions by serving the State’s advanced-­materials companies, attracting new companies to the region, and facilitat­ing entrepreneurship among students and faculty. In collaboration with partners that span in­dustry, state agencies, and other academic institutions, the Center’s primary mission will be to get products to market as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The Center will work hand-­in­-glove with the Univer­sity’s Center for Advanced Ceramic Technol­ogy to expand services and grow its current client base, which now includes General Electric, Corning Incorporated, Lockheed Martin, TAM, World Kitchen, EnrG, Ceralink, Freeform Fiber, and Boston Valley Terra Cotta – to name just a few.


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