Shaping 7 Conference in Portugal

The Shaping 7 Conference content focuses on the advanced shaping processes applied for ceramics. The program will be composed of invited talks and oral pre-sentations, as well as posters sessions and a student speech contest. Furthermore, plenary lectures will be given by well-known scientists in the field. The main topics covered by the Shaping 7 conference are:
• Raw materials: synthesis, comminution, granulation – traditional, secondary powders, oxide, non-oxide, nano;
• Dry powder processing: uni- and iso-pressing, one step process starting from powders: HP, SPS, HIP;
• Ceramics without powders: sol-gels, geopolymers, etc.;
• Colloidal dispersion and surface modification: slip casting slurry infiltration, pressure moulding;
• Plastic forming: extrusion, injection mould­ing, tape casting;
• Structures: bio-inspired microstructures;
• Effect of processing and control of complex micro- and nanostructures;
• Porous materials, foam structures;
• Prototyping, including Additive Manufacturing techniques (ink jet, binder jet, stereolithographic methods, laser process, etc.) and machining;
• Drying, debinding;
• Thick films: electrophoretic deposition, plasma layers, laser cladding;
• Modelling, economical, environmental and societal issues.

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