Workshop Sinter-Based-Additive Manufacturing in Bremen, Germany

Sinter-Based Additive Manufacturing Technologies gain more and more interest in industry due to their potential for cost reduction in mass production. Different printing approaches like Metal Binder Jetting or Metal Fused Filament Fabrication have been developed for printing parts. A subsequent sintering step is required for all processes. During the workshop, there will be discussed the challenges and opportunities of serial production with Sinter-Based Addi­tive Manufacturing technologies along the ­value chain. Industrial specialists will provide insights into the topics Metal Binder Jetting and Metal Fused Filament Fabrication from the user’s point of view.
The program is complemented by the presentation of current results from applied research and a panel discussion on Future Expectations for Industrialisation of Sinter-Based Additive Manufacturing. Before the actual workshop, an additional tutorial is offered for interested participants, in which the fundamentals of sinter-based additive technologies will be explained in-depth.


Phone: +49 7221 502 200