Components for high performance

SCT Ceramics

SCT Ceramics is a privately held, technical ceramics company specializing in brazed, ceramic-to-metal components for high-reliability markets such as medical, aerospace and energy. Product offerings include hermetic feedthroughs, connectors, insulators and casings. Located in France, SCT Ceramics’ vertically integrated site houses R&D labs, engineering and design offices, testing workshops, and can manufacture small to very … Read more

Steka-Werke Technische Keramik GmbH & Co KG

Steka is a medium sized manufacturer for ceramic components primary for electrical applications and is specialized in small- and medium-series production Based in Innsbruck, Austria, we are a family owned company with a history going back to the year 1949. Since then we’ve been gaining a deep know-how in developing products, designing and making tools … Read more

Steinbach AG

Ceramics in additive manufacturing – convincing quality in every detail // Manufacturing highly precise components of impeccable quality in every detail has yet been very expensive and therefore uneconomic. The perfect solution for this problem are slurry based additive processes for technical ceramics like the Lithography based Ceramic Manufacturing (LMC). Where conventional methods of manufacturing … Read more

Sinoma Advanced Nitride Ceramics Co., Ltd.

SINOMA Advanced Nitride Ceramics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and production of high performance silicon nitride ceramics. It started the research of silicon nitride since the end of 1970s and was the first institute in the field of silicon nitride ceramics research in China. Sinoma inherited the research findings and superior resources … Read more

René Gerber AG

The company René Gerber AG is your technology leader in brush deburring, edge honing and polishing with 65 years of experience as a task solver in process development and construction of brush deburring machines, edge honing machines and polishing equipment. The Gerber brush polishing machines and deburring systems are used when it is necessary to … Read more


Over the years, MERSEN BOOSTEC has developed a unique expertise in the manufacture of very large and complex SiC parts or assemblies, possibly coated with SiC CVD. After having developed its leadership in space or terrestrial SiC optics, MERSEN BOOSTEC has successfully diversified into the fields of laser processing, equipment for semiconductor industry and chemical … Read more


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