Components for high performance

Glassbond (NW) Ltd

Glassbond (NW) Ltd was founded in 1978 to supply the lighting industry with organic lamp capping cements.  In 1997 an agreement was signed with Sauereisen Inc (Pittsburgh, US) to become the licensee manufacturer for high temperature inorganic cements and potting compounds for supply into Europe.  These products service many applications across a number of disciplines … Read more

AEM Canada Group Inc.

As a private company headquartered in Quebec, Canada, we are a preferred global supplier of pure and ultra pure aluminium derivatives, setting the benchmark for industry performance in terms of high purity, high reliability and low environmental footprint. Our operations are based at two main sites: our Technical Development Centre at Laval near Montreal and … Read more

CERA SYSTEM Verschleißschutz GmbH

CERA SYSTEM ist ein renommierter und international etablierter Hersteller von keramischen Serienbauteilen und keramisch ausgekleideten Ventilen. Wir sind überall dort aktiv, wo Dinge im Fluss sind. Wir regeln und steuern mit unseren keramischen Komponenten und Ventilen alle Arten von Flüssigkeiten und Feststoffen.

Malvern Panalytical

We draw on the power of our analytical instruments and services to make the invisible visible and the impossible possible. Through the chemical, physical and structural analysis of materials, our high-precision analytical systems and top-notch services support our customers in creating a better world. We help them improve everything from the energies that power us … Read more


BOLLBRANIC GmbH is a young business specialized in manufacturing, research and development of silicon carbide membranes. We mainly manufacture tubular silicon carbide membranes with different channel and diameter geometries. Our membranes are available in pore sizes down to a few nanometers. The membranes are characterized by constant process stability, chemical resistance, high flux and good … Read more

Pilot IS

Pilot manufactures and engineers advanced micro ceramic components for customers worldwide for an array of industries including aerospace, automotive, medical and more. Using proprietary extrusion molding and sintering techniques, Pilot can work with you to create an innovative, high density and purity ceramic solution to meet your needs.


XJet is a technology company offering revolutionary solutions for the Additive Manufacturing market. The company’s groundbreaking NanoParticle Jetting™ technology enables the accurate, scalable, and sustainable production of high-definition 3D metal and ceramic parts. XJet’s powderless solution empowers manufacturers to overcomes any challenge related to quality, geometric complexities and production volume, supporting and advancing a wide range … Read more

Fa. Rösler CeramInno GmbH

Wir sind ein mittelständisches Unternehmen, das Innovation und Erfahrung verbindet. Mit unserer 70-jährigen Leidenschaft für den Werkstoff Keramik entwickeln wir neue Lösungen in den Bereichen technische Keramik und Porzellan. Darüber hinaus sind wir der kompetente und qualitativ zuverlässige Partner für die thermische Prozessbehandlung aller Arten von Schüttgütern und anderen keramischen Formkörpern (bis 1600°C) bis hin … Read more


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