The Lithoz CeraMax Vario V900 with LIS Technology – Ceramic 3D Printing for Fully Dense Large Parts with Thick Walls

Established 3D printing processes for technical high-performance ceramics– first and foremost, stereolithography and binder jetting – have eachmade an important contribution to the growth of ceramic Additive Manufacturing(AM) thanks to their different strengths. However, none of theknown 3D printing processes for oxide ceramics have yet been able toproduce large, fully dense parts with thick walls. … Read more

MERSEN Boostec: SiC Material Obtained by Pressureless Sintering*

MERSEN Boostec SiC is a polycrystalline technical ceramic obtained bypressureless sintering resulting in a silicon carbide completely free ofnon-combined silicon. This paper gives a short description of the MERSENBoostec company. Four of its main current commercial activities concerninglaser processes, semiconductor and optomechanics OEMs as well ascontinuous flow reactors for the chemical industry are overviewed.


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